4 Ways That You Can Put Car Value Estimates to Good Use

What do you know about placing a value on a vehicle? If someone asked you to arrive at a figure without the aid of published book values, could you do so? For many people, the answer is no. That’s my it makes sense to see appraisers when there’s any need for car value estimates. Here are four examples when a professional appraiser can provide the type of estimate that you need. 

Thinking About Purchasing a Vintage Vehicle

You’re eye is on a vintage vehicle, and your wondering if the asking price is in line with the current market value. While you can get some ideas by looking at similar vehicles currently offered for sale, there’s another way to find the answer. That involves having the vehicle appraised by a certified expert. 

Once the appraiser has examined the vehicle, you will have a reliable idea of what the car is currently worth.  If that figure is close to the asking price, then all is well. When there’s a significant difference, a copy of the appraisal may provide you with a bargaining tool. 

Preparing to Sell Your Vehicle

You’re thinking about selling one of your vehicles. The trouble is that you’re nor sure how to price it. General information isn’t hard to find, but you’ve made some enhancements to the car. It’s not clear if those enhancements helped or hurt the car’s value. 

Take it to an appraiser and see what an expert has to say. Use the results to set the initial asking price. In fact, you should keep a copy of the appraisal on hand to show to prospective buyers. That can help convince them that what you are asking is within reason. 

Estimating Value for Insurance Purposes

The reason to have auto insurance is to be prepared in case some sort of covered event takes place. One of the most common mistakes that people make is to not have enough coverage. If you know the true value of your car, it’s easier to be certain that the insurance will work, even if the car is totaled. 

Appraisers often provide car value estimates to those who want to ensure they have enough automobile coverage. If it’s getting close to the date for renewing the policy, now is the time to have the vehicle appraised. 

Value Estimates After an Auto Accident

What will you want to do if your car is damaged in an accident? Depending on the extent of the damage and the age of the vehicle, it may or may not be practical to repair it. In that case, you would want to take the insurance company up on the offer to total the vehicle, get the money, and go car shopping. 

How do you know if this is the right move? An appraiser can provide helpful information. It will be possible to identify the car’s value before the accident, and provide insight into the diminished value after the car is repaired. Once you have those figures in hand, the answer will be easier to determine. 

These are only a few occasions that call for professional help in estimating a car’s value. Whatever the reason, call a professional today. The answer will increase the odds of making a decision that’s right for you.