5 Benefits to enjoy by switching to virtual production

A recording studio typically involves a few machines, computers, editing software, shooting equipment, and a few more gadgets. However, a virtual reality system works on a LED screen and a computer vision with advanced software that helps in generating 3D images and videos. It can be extremely expensive for anyone to open a virtual reality studio. However, we already setup studios that can help you get amazing results.

One of the essential things to learn is about companies like Neweb Labs before you proceed. They have a large LED wall that creates high quality images and videos. Moreover, you can play with the background and pretend as if you are personally in that background image or video.

5 Tips to run your own virtual studio:

  1. Get rid of green screening: Green screen has been there for a long time. It is time to get rid of it and switch to something more appealing and realistic. Green screens looked absurd to light and interaction in exposed light. However, VR systems don’t work that way.
  2. Switch to any location immediately: You don’t have to travel to different locations to shoot for ads or videos any more. Just by standing at one place, you create a fake environment not just background with the help of virtual reality systems. LED screens provide a huge range of opportunities for set designers to think and work creatively.
  3. Large screen space: Compared to other screens, VR screens are bigger and better. They cover a large area comparatively. Moreover, the curved screen allows realistic images. Thus, the cameraman or videographer gets a lot of space to shoot and move around.
  4. Make your brand look real: If your product is real why make it look artificial? Switching to virtual reality screens and studio labs give you plethora of limitless options in colors, logos, shapes, textures, videos, pictures, filters, etc… Virtual reality may look like a costly decision, but it actually saves a lot of money overall.
  5. Advanced features and functions: Other than the screen, virtual reality users get a great exposure to advanced features such as develop training modules, videos, ads, images, location-based shoots, etc… Moreover, you can shoot any sized video to another level.

Discuss your budget and requirements with a good virtual reality studio like Neweb Labs. Feel free to connect with them and clarify your doubts without hesitation.