7 reasons to see a general dentist in Henrico

Despite access to dental clinics, people don’t see their dentists as often as they should. Ideally, you should have two appointments each year, which can help prevent some of the common dental conditions, provided you keep up with your oral hygiene habits. For your help, we have enlisted seven reasons to see a General dentist in Henrico.

  1. You have bleeding gums: If you have noticed that your gums bleed or there is blood when you brush and floss, you should be worried as this could be the sign of early gum disease called gingivitis. Fortunately, gingivitis is treatable, and your dentist can discuss the best ways to address the symptoms.
  2. You have tooth sensitivity: While experiencing mild discomfort while eating an ice-cream may not be alarming, you should definitely check with your dentist when you experience sensitivity while eating hot and cold foods. Sensitivity could indicate problems like tooth decay.
  3. You have frequent toothaches: Probably you took an OTC painkiller for your toothache, but this is not a good sign to ignore. Toothaches could be trigged by an infection inside of a tooth, gum disease, and other conditions. Your dentist will do an oral exam and take X-rays if required.
  4. You have stained teeth: If you have stained or discolored teeth, this could \affect your confidence. Thankfully, there are teeth-whitening treatments, and most general dentists offer such options. You could go for in-office teeth whitening or can consider a take-home kit.
  5. You have a bad bite: Malocclusions can affect your ability to talk, enjoy your food, and brush and floss your teeth. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be a teenager to get orthodontic care. Dentists can help fix bite issues using advanced treatment options, such as Invisalign.
  6. You are missing a few teeth: If you lost a few natural teeth because of decay, gum disease, or injuries, you should talk to your dentist. From dentures and bridges to dental implants, a wide range of options are available for replacing missing teeth.
  7. You have halitosis: Bad breath could be a reason for embarrassment, but it could be potentially linked to many health conditions and dental diseases. Your dentist may recommend using medicated mouthwash and suggest other treatment plans to address the concerns.

Make a list of reliable dental clinics in Henrico, and keep the numbers handy on your phone. You should also check with a dentist if you haven’t had an oral exam in the last six months.