8 Tips To Make Your Bedroom More Functional Yet Vibrant

We do a lot of things to make our bedroom more vibrant and comfortable, but we hardly focus on the functionality which plays major importance in our day.  It is tough to determine what things to include and what not, for instance, almirah and bedroom wardrobe.

Even if we have chosen the stuff to include to enhance the functionality, then it becomes difficult to decide which type of it at the end.  For example, if we are including the wardrobe, then which type – 2-door wardrobes or 3-door wardrobes

No issue with it.  We have gathered some of the best tips to make your bedroom more functional yet vibrant.  Make sure you read it at the end for a better understanding.  

  • Initially maximize the vertical space of the room:

The first step toward enhancing the functionality is to maximize the vertical space of the bedroom.  Now how can you do it?  There are various ways to do it.  For instance, add a desk in the corner of a bedroom, add a bedroom wardrobe to keep the important stuff that you want during the day, turn your back away from the TV by taking advantage of wall height by adding tall bookcases, cabinets, or shelves.  These are the things that you can do to make your bedroom more functional. 

  • Keep walking ways clear:

Make proper space between your bedroom furniture.  Do add enough space between so that you can walk properly.  Create an efficient layout to avoid bumping into furniture.  Make clear paths to the areas which are frequently used and leave enough space between each piece of furniture. 

  • Control and reduce clutter:

When you have a cluttered space in the bedroom, you won’t be able to make the best use of it.  Working from home or paying bills becomes difficult when there are piles of papers on the bedroom side desk.  Although decluttering is a whole book in and of itself, you can start by getting rid of items that are no longer in use, putting things away and in their proper place when you are finished with them, and making it a point to complete tasks as they arise rather than putting them off.

Get rid of anything you don’t need or use anymore, deal with paperwork as it comes in, file important documents in clearly labelled folders or boxes, and put everything back where it belongs when you’re finished.  This is the most prominent way to enhance the functionality of your bedroom. 

  • Use a bedroom for its intended purpose:

The foundation of a functional bedroom is to use the space for the purpose for which it was designed.  Do you read the mail on the study table, pay bills on the study table, or even work from home from the bed itself?  If you must use the space for something other than its intended purpose, make sure to clean up after yourself at the end of the day.

Now how can you use the bedroom for the intended purposes?  There are various ways to do it.  Keep the kids’ toys out of the living room, do paperwork or homework in the home office or den rather than the dining room, and move all your craft or woodworking projects out of the kitchen and into the basement or crafts room.

  • Go for the double-duty furniture 

With double-duty furniture, you can enhance the space and the bedroom’s function as well.  For example, by adding a bedroom wardrobe – you can keep different stuff that you need near you, by adding the side-table – you can use it for putting the cup of coffee there or some important documents if needed, by choosing the 2-door wardrobes – you can segregate the stuff more efficiently, and there are many other instances. 

With this kind of bedroom furniture, you could be able to make the best out of your budget as well as your bedroom will be more functional. 

  • Include table spaces if possible

You should ensure that there is ample table surface space within arm’s reach of living room seating so that items such as drinks, books, lamp shades, and reading glasses can be placed within reach.  You don’t have to spend time finding these items further. 

  •  Always go for the good lighting 

Good lighting is very important to determine the attention and concentration level of an individual.  In case you study in the bedroom or do office work, then you must include quality and good lighting in the bedroom to make the best out of what you do.  This is the initial way you can enhance the functionality of the bedroom. 

  •  Make sure your furniture is of the right size and quantity for an efficient layout

A room with too much furniture and decor can feel crowded, cluttered, and unsettling.  A room with too little furniture can feel empty, drab, and lifeless.  It should be balanced in the appropriate manner.  The function of a bedroom will be maximized if it is well balanced and makes the best use of the available space.  Make each item in your space count, but don’t feel obligated to utilize every square inch.  Allow some breathing room between pieces and decor to allow for easy movement in, around, and out of the space. 


This is how you can make your bedroom more functional.  Initially, by using it for what it is for, putting the things in their places, segregating the things individually, and reducing the unwanted things from the bedroom.  Try to include some of the basic double-use furniture in the bedroom to make it more functional. 

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