A Proper Nose Surgery Results In A Beautiful Outcome

Nose surgery (ตัดปีกจมูก, which is the term in Thai) has become a common thing these days as many issues can be faced relating to the nose. Some have uneven noses or breathing trouble, so surgery will be performed after diagnosing the exact problem. It’s a type of cosmetic surgery that can be done by one who is not happy with the shape of their nose. A perfectly shaped nose with a nose pin on it will elevate your beauty more than having a blunt one.

How Does It Work?

So many of us have a large nose, or the nose tip is not sharp enough, making it look fat and blunt, so there are options in surgery to shape it properly. This type of nose surgery is called Rhinoplasty, the most popular cosmetic surgery. So, it is a type of plastic surgery for your nose that will help to give proper shape to your nose if the nose has broken due to an accident, if you have had an abnormal condition since birth, or if you have breathing issues. This surgery will also help you to improve your face.

What Is The Process?

Surgeons have adapted various techniques for nose surgery, which are not painful and can be recovered soon. There are multiple types of nose, like the flesh of the nose hanging downward, wide nostrils, and blocked nose. So, there are two types of Rhinoplasty: open and closed. In Open Rhinoplasty, the surgeon will substantially reshape the nose and move the bone and cartilage completely to give it a proper shape. In the closed one, a small incision separates the skin from the bone and the cartilage.


Before Nose surgery, a proper consultation is needed so the patient can get a good idea of this whole process. How is it done? What measures need to be taken after or before the surgery? What foods are to be avoided? A detailed analysis of everything must be required. The patients can also look into a few pictures of successful patients. So, it’s better to consult an experienced cosmetologist who can meet the patient’s expectations.

Things To Remember

After the surgical procedure, a few things must be taken care of to get the best results. The surgeon will guide you about what measures need to be taken. Swollen and a bit of pain remain for a few days, but if it continues for a prolonged period, then consultation is a must. The surgery is not temporary, but if any fillers were added to change the shape, it would not last long. Rhinoplasty is the most advanced technique to shape your nose and improve your facial look.