A Review Of Rolex Day Date

You might wonder how Rolex could improve on a watch that was already great. “If it is not broken, there is no need to fix it.” The good news is that Rolex did not wait for things to break before making changes to what was already a workhorse, the Rolex day date watch collection. If you like their watches, you should see where the day date series began and how it has changed.

With its President bracelet, the Rolex Oyster’s Perpetual Day-Date became known as the “President” watch because it was worn by world leaders and other high-ranking people back in 1956. It still has this title today. As has been in all Rolex Day-Date President timepieces that have come out from that time, the unique bracelet stayed the same. Still, there were a lot of changes to the cases, dials, materials, mechanical movements and designs. Expect to see things like the week days at midnight, the day or date display at 3 o’clock, and a cyclops magnifying lens in the date display.

If you buy Rolex day date, you’ll find a blue Parachrom hairspring that gives it ten times more protection from shock than a normal hairspring. When you screw in the crown, the Twinlock double waterproof system (patented) makes it even more water-resistant. Two places are sealed in this system when the screwing down of the crown is done correctly. This means that the system is safe. There are two in tube and one in crown! In their Air King timepieces, the same design has also been used.

Waterproofing System

When you buy a Rolex Yacht-Master watch, you’ll also find a waterproofing system known as the Triplock. This is an even better waterproofing system than the one in these watches. Rolex sports timepieces, like the Cosmograph Daytona, which isn’t great for diving, have good water resistance capacity and uses the Triplock structure.

So why don’t the President Day-Date watches have Triplock systems? Perhaps since they are dress watches but not sports watches. This is not the watch you should wear along a swimsuit. This watch would be worn with three-piece suits. There is no official statement from Rolex about this specific engineering decision. Still, it seems like the logical most reason behind the Rolex day date watch’s lack of exceptional waterproofing capabilities. This is the place to start for people who want a golden Rolex with multiple of their men timepieces.