Artificial intelligence and deepnude AI – hype or the near future?

Modern technologies, using a regular smartphone and content downloaded online, allow you to create real miracles. The AI deepnude  photo generator is an excellent example in this case. In its work, as in creating other “deepfakes,” neural network algorithms are used. Here is more about it. 

The technological basis of the deepnude AI

Some analysts say that generative artificial intelligence moved from a niche segment to a mainstream one last year. Using various available services, users give developers even more data to train neural networks. The range of tasks of neural networks boasts a wide variety – from approving a bank loan to creating photorealistic undress photos like Billie Eilish leaked nudes. The operation of a neural network is based on converting several obtained parameters into one. Generative adversarial networks consist of two neural networks: a generator that creates new data, such as images, and a discriminator that tries to distinguish it from objects in the training set. According to the task of a GAN for deepnude AI is to generate data that the discriminator does not will be able to identify as artificial. Thus, generative adversarial networks make it possible to achieve photorealistic results – for example, create high-quality images of the faces of non-existent people.

How to undress the photo in the Nudify app? 

The Nudify developers have adapted neural networks for an important task – “undressing” women in photographs. However, after attention was paid to the service, it was closed out of harm’s way – it turned out that most people were not interested in the algorithm but in how effectively it removed clothes from pictures.

Neural networks do not undress a person and cannot show her appearance without clothes. Some body parts without clothes are simply photoshopped onto a person. Therefore, if you upload a photo of a man, there is a risk of seeing his breasts, which are typical only for women.