Creating A Minimalist Yet A Stylish Bathroom

Minimalist design is a popular trend in the interior as well as exterior design. It is about stripping away anything that is not necessary. This means minimalist bathrooms are just as chic as that of a minimalist living rooms. Minimalism means you don’t have many items or decorative pieces everywhere. That does not however mean that it cannot be stylish. Creating a minimalist bathroom (แต่ง ห้องน้ำ มิ นิ มอ , which is the term in Thai) will benefit you.

Creating A Minimalist Bathroom

Are you feeling that you should give minimalism design a try? Great! The bathroom is the most wonderful place where in you can take your first step into simple living. Given below are some important tips of create a minimalist bathroom:

Remove The Products That Are Not Necessary

You can now get rid of extra bottles of body lotion and the makeup kit that you do not use any longer. If you have a minimalist bathroom that would mean that you would have one kind of each product. You need to understand that this is not a beautiful death sentence. This just means that you are removing all the unnecessary stuff in the bathroom.

Keep The Décor Simple

You cannot use decorative sea shells in a minimalist bathroom. Your objective is to create a bathroom that is simple, clean and has a lot of white space . It should not have any unnecessary décor. Bathroom is in all probability the smallest room in your house. So it should not have too much of decorations. Otherwise, it will look super clumsy and messy. It will be good if you can just pick a few decorative items and do not put extra things on the surfaces.

Investing In The Glass Jars Will Be A Good Idea

Glass jars are great if you want a container that will hold any items neatly. So there will be no unnecessary items scattered throughout the sink. There should also not be too many things in your medicine cabinet.

Should Be Clear And Decluttered Surfaces

All surfaces should be clear. If you do this little thing, it will make a lot of difference. For a minimalist bathroom, having a clutter-free surface is essential. So, do anything to have a clean surface.


In a minimalist bathroom, you should have a pretty shower curtain, adequate storage space along with white towels. You should use multipurpose products and ensure the surfaces are clutter-free.