Everything about customs clearance in the United States 

If you are a first-time importer, there are some prerequisites regarding paperwork on the movement of goods across the country. 

Customs clearance is mandatory for importers in the country. It used to be a tedious process back outsource customer service call center in the day. Today with online services, it has become a lot easier. 

Nowadays, services like Clearit USA Amazon fba and customs brokerage are some of the finest customs clearance services for vendors on Amazon in the country. 

What is customs clearance?

The U.S customs department has to permit importing goods into the country. The law applies to both commercial and personal importers. 

The process involves the importer submitting an invoice and other necessary documents, and after verification, the user receives a clearance document to import the product. 

How to apply for customs clearance?

Customs brokers can do the work on your behalf. Traditional brokerage service involves directly interacting with the brokers in their physical offices. The clearance process can get lengthy and go on for weeks. 

However, thanks to the online customs clearance portals like Clearit, the waiting time for clearance has drastically reduced. There are online brokerage service providers. All you have to do is:

  1. Create an account on the website
  2. Scan and submit the relevant documents
  3. Make the payments, including customs duty, brokerage fee, etc., after the document review and verification process
  4. Stay in touch with the online agent until you receive the clearance document. 

The entire process will take roughly a few hours, and since it’s online, it is very easy to know the live updates of the customs clearance. 

You can also opt to do it by yourself. But you have to be careful while uploading the documents and verify if you have all the required materials before applying.

Why choose online brokers over conventional ones?

The online customs clearance process hardly takes any time. Besides, customers using such services are claiming that the communication and ease of access are better with online customs brokers. Also, most websites show a transparent listing of fees, while some conventional brokers may ask for an extra charge at the end of the process.

Similarly, online customs broker sites provide dedicated agents to keep you updated and ensure the process is going smoothly. These sites also have freight forwarding and delivery services to help with other aspects of your commercial import process. 

Concluding thoughts 

Customs clearance is a must-have for importing goods from abroad. Even if you are importing from an FTA country, you need customs clearance from the U.S customs department. So, hire a customs broker to handle clearance requirements for your business imports.