Flowers Typically Included in a Wedding Bouquet

Any number of flowers, from the more common, rose to the more unusual Anthurium or Cymbidium orchid, can be used to create a beautiful bridal bouquet. Indeed, some of today’s most eco-conscious brides are opting for all-green bouquets from flower delivery Penang. No matter what you decide, one thing to think about is when the year to have your wedding ceremony is. First, you can save money by buying flowers while they are in season. The second reason why particular times of year are more popular for weddings is that the bride like the seasonal flowers and décor.

  • Spring

Springtime is everyone’s favorite. Even though spring allergies can be terrible, it’s worth it to see the trees and flowers blooming again now that the weather is warming up. For several reasons, spring is the most popular time of year for weddings. Roses, daisies, dahlias, daffodils, orchids, hydrangeas, sunflowers, and hundreds of others are among the countless varieties of seasonal flowers. A hand-tied, informal spring bouquet can be easily fashioned from these many blooms, or one can opt for a more formal arrangement.

  • Summer

There is a good reason why summer is a popular wedding season. It’s the best time of year to have a wedding and a tropical honeymoon all in one, as most of the United States enjoys year-round sunshine. But aside from that, there are many lovely buds to be seen in this season of the year. Although roses continue to reign supreme, many other types of flowers can be seen alongside them.

  • Fall

Flowers in the spring and summer tend to be more brightly colored and pastel, but the variety of colors that appear in the fall makes it the ideal time to create eye-catching flower arrangements. Most autumn wedding bouquets feature fiery oranges, deep purples, pure whites, and ethereal pinks. When arranged with fall leaves, wheatgrass stalks, and other sorts of rustic greenery, many of the same summer blooms take on an entirely new appearance.

  • Winter

The winter season isn’t the most preferred time to tie the knot, but many couples nevertheless do so in the hopes of having a white wedding. For a passionate winter feel, many brides opt for a color palette that includes both white and dark, rich hues. Roses, for example, are always a safe bet for any bridal bouquet because of their versatility and wide color palette. A variety of other flowers, such as hyacinths, hypericum berries, bluebells, and even poinsettias, are often given in addition to red or white carnations at this season of the year.


Among the most eye-catching elements of your wedding seem to be the florist petaling Jaya bouquets carried by the bride and her attendants. So, you must study. Thanks to the wide variety of bouquet options, you may select one that perfectly reflects your style and the theme of your wedding. Continue with it from that point forward. In a figurative sense only, please; this can be painful! Try going down the hallway with him. Always use fewer stems of a larger flower when making a bouquet.