Full-Service Program Management with a Passion and Assurance of Excellence

Event or program planning is challenging, given all the factors that must be well executed for everything to work well. It might seem like an easy task until it’s time for the program to happen, and you realize so many things need to be put in place as expected. Program planners have made it possible to have a successful program for you and your staff or team without any issues. Infinix is a professional and experienced meetings & events international events planning that offers high-touch programs and premium customized solutions. The company has a good track record of delivering high-quality work to every client.

Organizing an event involves several things that together lead to the successful happening and completion of the event. Working with a professional planner enables you to handle the different parts of the preparation and the execution part with ease, making it possible to meet the event’s objectives while minimizing the possibility of hitches that can affect the program or event. There are different phases of the events that get handled, and they include the following.

Pre-meeting services

Pre-meeting is the planning step, and at this point, you get to identify your objectives and understand your needs, which are recorded by the meetings & events international professionals. Once your needs are noted and your needs are determined, the event budget gets created. The other step involved in this phase is sourcing the right venue, which depends on the number of people you intend to have and the nature of the event, indoor or outdoor. The venue and vendor logistics then get handled, ensuring that different things like food and drinks are available and more. The attendee’s list is also crucial during this process, and it helps to arrange the sitting positions.

Onsite management

During the day of the event, everything must go as smoothly as planned. The Meetings & Events International set up an attendee registration and hospitality desk to record attendance and address the attendee’s needs. The onsite materials get adequately placed, making them easily accessible to the attendees in a way that doesn’t cause an interruption during the meetings or events. Additionally, you get crisis management, agenda management, meeting app management, special event coordination, and production service.

Post meeting service

After successfully completing the meetings & events internationally, it is essential to do a post-meeting recap or debriefing. The professionals provide you with a custom attendees’ survey and reports, which help you to know how the meeting or event went. Additionally, you get valuation metrics and surveys that guide you on project implementations and program innovation. Regarding the financial part, the meetings & events, international professionals provide a detailed financial reconciliation.


Event or meeting planning needs the services of a professional to increase the chances of successfully executing it. The different aspects of the meeting, from the planning to evaluation, play a massive role in the decision-making process for future events and decision making.