How You Get Stains on Your Teeth and Ways to Remove Them

Stains on your teeth not only make your teeth ugly but also ruin your overall personality. These damages don’t happen to your teeth overnight but take several years of your bad habits. It should also be noted that not all stains go away with time. You need to get in touch with a dentist who can remove the stains under the enamel and on the surface of the teeth with the help of teeth-whitening products. If you want to keep the natural shine of your teeth for a long time, you must consider dental care in Mooresville, NC, from time to time.

Reasons for stains on teeth

There may be several reasons why your teeth may get stains over a period of time. Some of them have been discussed below: 

Food and drinks

The most common cause of stains on teeth is the type of foods and drinks we take in large quantities. For instance, if you take two coffee cups in the morning or a glass of red wine or regular red sauces with the paste, you will lose the luster of your teeth in a few years. If you want to get rid of this problem from the start, you should rinse your mouth after every meal or drink. 

Tobacco or vaping

If you are a regular smoker or have a habit of vaping, you are likely to get your teeth ruined in a few years only. Tobacco can easily make a dark-colored layer on the tooth enamel, which can only go away if you get professional teeth cleaning done. It is strongly recommended to quit smoking if you want to retain a beautiful smile for a long time.  

Vitamin deficiency 

We might not believe it, but you can have stains on your teeth if you have deficiencies in certain vitamins. Mostly, calcium, Vitamin C, and D are associated with the health of our teeth and bone density. That’s why you should take more milk-based products, including cheese and yogurt. They will not only make your teeth shiny but also improve overall health.


Another natural and common cause for stains on teeth is age. As we grow, we lose the shine of our teeth naturally. However, it can easily be treated at a dental clinic with the help of teeth whitening products.

Just stick to a good lifestyle and balanced diet to have a beautiful smile.