Important Challenge Coin Etiquettes That You Should Know

Challenge coins always come with a very rich history and some say that their legacy is dated back to the flying squadron of World War I. Their use at that time was very minimal but its craze gradually took off. Today, challenge coins have come a long way and hold great significance. They are mostly associated with the military but other organizations are also using it today. As an outsider, you might think it to be just a collectable but there are etiquette associated with them. You have to follow the rules if you are playing the challenge coin game.

  • The rules of the game must be thoroughly explained or given to everyone who is given a coin. It is considered extremely rude to call out a particular challenge if you have not explained the rules to the participants first.
  • The coins must be carried at all times. The challenges can also be called at any given time and place. You can only take four steps to reach your coin.
  • The challenger must state before hand if the challenge is going to be for a single drink or a round of drinks.
  • If the person is unable to produce their coin, the challenge should be honoured right then. The drinks might also be purchased then. Every person will be allowed to be challenged once.
  • If everyone on the ring can produce their coins, the challenger will be on the hook to buy the drinks.
  • It is not allowed to hand over your coin to someone else when you are responding to some challenge. It will be equivalent to handing them over the coin. Instead, keep it on the table for everyone to take a look at.
  • If you are losing the coin, it is you who must be replacing it as soon as possible.
  • There will be no exceptions to these rules and you just have four steps to reach the coin.
  • A challenge coin must be treated as a coin and not as a bracelet, buckle, or something else.
  • You must have complete control of the coin.
  • You cannot drill holes in your coins.
  • This applies to any prospective or current coin owner.

These rules are time-tested traditions and one must be respectful of the same. To take the traditions ahead, get your own coins from Responders Pro police challenge coins.