OrCam Teams Up With Lionel Messi with MyEye to Help Visually Challenged People

In 2016, OrCam Technologies of Israel launched their first wearable OrCam device, known as MyEye. OrCam is pioneering in the field of visually challenged people by providing such an item, which is up the alley of Mr Tej Kohli and his TejKholi Future Bionics Programme. It funds bionic arms for children who suffer from limb disabilities.

Similarly, OrCam uses AI technology to power the small gadget that has been revolutionising the world of visually impaired people. For a while, many full or partially-blind people have been using smartphones to go about their days and communicate or understand the items they use. However, with the launch of OrCam’s MMyEyes, blind person who lacks substantial experience in using technology and training to use the smartphone to navigate their life has been finding the device helpful.

What Is OrCam MyEye?

OrCam MyEye has two items: a processing unit and a camera/speaker unit that is worn by the person. The processor unit can easily fit into the palm of the hand or be placed in a pocket and has a charging port, an audio jack, and three buttons (power, volume, and a trigger button to initiate the scan, which can also be used as a Settings menu).

The camera/speaker unit can easily be snapped onto the right arm of any standard pair of spectacles and sunglasses, and the 8-megapixel OrCam camera is positioned in the front with the speaker on the rear. The camera can recognise and describe currency, work and household items, credit cards, and read books. Furthermore, the user can store previously identified items in the memory of OrCam MyEye, like the faces of family, friends, coworkers, and other items.

Like Angel Investor Tej Kohli OrCam My Eye Is Breaking Boundaries

Billionaire Tej Kholi has been investing in different ventures like AI technology, E-sports, Bionics, AI and Real Estate. But all these ventures have one aim: to create a sustainable world where visually challenged and economically marginalised people get to live better life. With his work, tech entrepreneur and investor Tej Kohli have been changing lives and breaking boundaries, mainly in the world of visually impaired people. Mr Kohli has been funding billion-dollar eye and cornea research programmes, free eye treatment with the Tej Kohli Cornea Institute, and free cataract operations with the Tej Kohli and Ruit Foundation.

OrCam has been doing the same with its breakthrough AI technology used in MyCam. In an attempt to increase awareness of the challenges faced by the visually impaired or blind community globally, they have partnered with football player Lionel Messi. The footballer will every year meet dozens of visually challenged people and give them OrCam MyEye to those who have inspiring stories.

Though the project started in 2020, a few meetings took place before the pandemic, and then it was halted. But it has picked up again, and Messi stated, ‘The emotion was incredible.’ He was proud to be an OrCam ambassador and help people see the world with the life-changing device.

Who Can Get OrCam MyEye?

It has been estimated that globally, over 300 million people suffer from varying degrees of visual impairment or blindness, and OrCam MyEye is providing support to such people from different countries. The aim is to change the quality of life of these people, just like Mr Tej Kohli intends to do with his work.