Plumbing: A Brief Discussion on the Six Signs of Drain Emergency

How can one know if their drain requires fixing immediately? A couple of signs of emergencies indicate the drains must be causing you certain issues. If not addressed, they could cause excessive damage to the plumbing system, appliances, and home interiors. Well, to avoid any sort of fatality, please check out the following discussion right now.

  • Slow Flowing Water

The experts offering top-notch services of residential and commercial service said slow flowing water is a significant problem that most people ignore, assuming it will go away. However, this problem cannot fix itself on its own. Over time, slow-flowing water can compel a pipe to burst, spewing water everywhere. Therefore it is best to contact an expert.

  • Flooding

No one has to tell that flooding is a major sign of drain emergencies. Clogged drains and broken pipes usually cause drain flooding and dramatically impact your entire living situation. Only an expert can fix this problem as efficiently and quickly as possible with minimum water damage.

  • Frozen Pipes

Along with varied difficulties, winter can freeze the drain pipes probably because not enough warm water through them daily. If the pipes remain frozen for long, they become immensely prone to bursting.

If you get in touch with a professional, he will advise you to deactivate the water supply through the stop tap just to be on the safe side. Avoid fixing this on your own, or else you will just pave the way for more complications.

  • Bad Smell

The most obvious sign of a drainage emergency is perhaps a bad smell. Bad smell is a dead giveaway that your drains are blocked, wherein the stagnant water manifold decomposing solids have accumulated. Bad smells are detected in the toilets, shower, kitchen sinks, and bathtubs.

  • Negligible Water Pressure

Water pressure is immensely important for the normal functioning of the drainage system and assures that the drain flushes the wastewater properly. If you are experiencing negligible water pressure running from taps, it could mean that the main water line in the area has suddenly burst. Low water pressure also indicates a completely broken pipe forcing the water to overflow. If you want a quick fixing, please get in touch with an expert.

  • Abnormal Sounds

According to the experts offering detailed reports of expert technicians from professional plumbing companies, gurgling noises from the drain indicate trapped air in the pipes. Trapped air is usually caused by debris build-ups such as food, oil, soap, and grease. As the drain tries retaining normal running, it pushes the air and water around blockages that cause abnormal sounds.

All the aforementioned pointers are major signs of a drain emergency, and practically every household will experience it at some point. If one discovers an issue, there is no need to be scared! There are professionals to seek advice, answer queries, and make detailed evaluations.