Unique Meals For A Wedding

When planning the menu for your wedding, you will want to consider your vision for the event. The number of guests you’ll be serving will influence what dishes you choose. Keep in mind that many guests may have dietary restrictions or allergies and you’ll also need to consider the taste of those in attendance. Below are some ideas for unique wedding meals. These can vary a great deal from place to place, so be sure to check out each menu item.

Sushi is another unique option for your meal. You can rent a sushi chef and create delicious rolls for your guests. You can also provide pre-rolled sushi or Vietnamese rice paper rolls to give guests a taste of the cuisine. You can find sushi chefs in Ireland and the UK. Just make sure you provide chopsticks for guests. You can serve a variety of sushi at your reception, so your guests can choose their favorite. You could think about using a catering matrimonio to supply your wedding meals. 

A Buffet Makes A Good Option

You can also offer a buffet of finger foods. A classic wedding snack is cheese sandwiches, served with toasted bread. There are many options for fillings, but you can’t go wrong with a classic cheddar cheese or American cheese. Also, grilled cheese sandwiches are a classic appetizer that many guests will love. Try experimenting with other fillings as well, including avocado, figs, and pineapple.

Another great option is a buffet of sushi and Japanese cuisine. You can order a variety of sushi items, such as sashimi, from a sushi bar. You can also order a pizza from a local pizzeria – it’s better to go for something local and organic. The only drawback to this type of food is that it’s not appropriate for all guests.

What About Dessert?

There are many other options for dessert. You can also serve cupcakes, which come in convenient little packages. Another unique choice is a creamy rhubarb strawberry tart, which is topped with fresh strawberries and the perfect way to round off the meal. There are so many options for desserts, and everyone is bound to find one that’s delicious. A menu that focuses on unique, delicious and elegant is sure to impress your guests.Also think about providing a healthy menu for those that want to stick to a good diet.

You should also ask your venue about their menu policies. Some venues have strict rules about food served during the wedding. If you’re planning an intimate wedding, a menu that offers a range of dishes might be best. It’s also a good idea to ask your venue’s preferred vendors if they have any preferences when it comes to food. If the venue can’t accommodate all your choices, then a wedding catering company can help you create a menu that includes your favorite foods.