Vital Tips To Help You Ensure Buying A Genuine Rolex Watch 

As a young man, you would command respect. Most people would admire you for the various things you do. A man that desires and does not settle for anything but the best would look forward to owning the best timepiece ever made – rolex submariner. 

You should opt for Rolex submariner (โร เล็ก ซ์ submariner, which is the term in Thai) because you deserve the best thing and not some good-looking counterfeit timepiece that you purchased for a meager amount. 

A Huge Hype Of The Rolex Watches 

You might have come across the huge hype about Rolex watches. As a result, there has been a huge rush in the replica Rolex industry. The chances of you coming across numerous emails in your inbox urging you to purchase a fake Rolex or any other Swiss-made imitation luxury watch would be higher. 

How To Purchase A Genuine Rolex Watch 

When contemplating buying a rolex submariner, you should consider a few essential aspects. It would be vital for you to purchase a genuine Rolex watch you had desired for some time. You may not have the time to research the Rolex watch to know you no fraud has been played upon you. Find below some useful tips to help you buy the right Rolex watch saving you money and heartaches. 

  • Authorized Dealer 

Look for a Rolex authorized dealer who could sell a brand new Rolex watch with a warrantee given by the factory. You should not look anywhere else to buy the Rolex watch. 

  • Look For Straight Bands Rather Than Kinked Bands 

Foremost, if the watch does not match the bracelet, avoid investing your time and money in it. The bracelet could tell you if the watch is fake or real. Pick up the watch and with its face down; hold it over a soft surface. Consider checking the links in the bracelet. If they were smooth, nice, and all kinked up, do not buy them. 

  • Check The Second’s Hand 

A fake Rolex watch would have its second hand ticking second by second around the dial rather than running smoothly, as in a genuine Rolex watch. 

  • Bubble-Like Date Window 

The bubble-like date window of the Rolex watch has been a notable feature. It magnifies the date on the rolex submariner, GMT, and other models. A crooked or little center date window would ensure it is a fake or replica. 

  • Hologram Encoded Sticker 

A genuine Rolex watch would entail a Hologram-encoded sticker on its back. It would provide details such as a reference number, which is unique to every watch along with a hologram logo of the Rolex crown. Fake Rolex watches do not have true holograms that change appearance when viewed or rotated from various angles. 

These tips would ensure you buy a genuine Rolex watch.