Why Is Driving Below The Speed Limit Dangerous?

Everyone knows that speeding or driving too fast or over the speed limit is dangerous. However, some people believe that going as slowly as possible increases their safety on the road, which is only a myth. Going under the speed limit may be just as dangerous as going over the speed limit. This is due to a number of reasons. 

If you were injured by a driver going over or under the speed limit, you could file a claim to recover your damages. Driving too slowly on the highway has its own dangers, and it is important to obey the speed limit. While it is true accidents due to slow drivers are fewer, they still happen. Consult with an Auburn car accident lawyer if you are injured. 

Reasons why driving below the speed limit is dangerous?

  • Short reaction time for other drivers to brake. 

The most important and perhaps the primary reason why you should not drive under the posted speed limit is that you could cause a chain of accidents. You might think you are staying safe by driving slowly but remembers that there are other drivers on the road who are driving at the speed limit. When you press your brakes, they might not have enough time to stop their vehicle and hit your vehicle from the back, and the car behind them might hit them, and so on. 

  • Other drivers can become frustrated. 

One reason to not drive slowly on the road is because it makes the other drivers feel frustrated. When you drive slowly, it is not just you who is going slow on the road but the several drivers behind you. They may have somewhere important to get to or do not want to go below the speed limit. Slowing down other drivers can cause road rage and quickly escalate into an accident. 

  • Difficult for other drivers to pass you. 

Another reason you should not drive too slow on the road is that it makes it difficult for other drivers to overtake you safely. If someone is trying to pass you and you are going too slow, they might make an unsafe lane change or get in the way of another driver, triggering an accident. 

Going slow does not mean going safe. 

While you may think going slow is the best way to remain safe on the road, the reality is quite different. Instead, follow the traffic laws, do not use your phone while driving, and focus on the road and other vehicles.