4 Occasions That Call For Help From an Auto Appraisal Company


It’s good to know what your car is worth at just about any time. Even so, there are situations when that information is particularly helpful. If any of the following applies in your case, seeking help from an auto appraisal company will make whatever you’re facing a little easier to handle. 

Appraising the Value After An Accident

A recent accident left your vehicle with significant damage. How much did the damage impact the market value of the car? The only way to know for sure is to have it appraised. 

Why do you want to know the difference between what the car was worth prior to the accident and what it’s worth after the repairs? You may be eligible to file what’s known as a diminished value claim. Having an appraisal from a certified appraiser will improve the odds of having that claim approved. 

Managing a Divorce Settlemen

When a divorce takes place, it’s necessary to decide which party will receive what belongings and assets. That includes the vehicles. Since there is usually an effort to attach some sort of monetary value to the major assets like the home and any vehicles, it makes sense to involve an appraiser. 

With the aid of a professional, it’s possible to assign a value to each vehicle. That figure is based on factors like age, make, model, general condition, and even the mileage on the engine. A written appraisal by a professional will make it easier to divide the assets equitably. 

Settling an Estate

Being the executor of an estate is a heavy responsibility. The goal is to make sure that all the beneficiaries receive what they are entitled to get, and that all the wishes of the deceased are observed. When the details involve selling all the assets and dividing the proceeds among the heirs, that will likely mean obtaining appraisals.

A certified appraiser with a local auto appraisal company can provide insight into the current market value of any vehicles belonging to the estate. That includes vehicles that may be considered classics or antiques. Once set, you can move forward with plans to sell or auction the cars, collect the funds, and then disperse then to the heirs according to the wishes left by the deceased. 

Getting Ready to Sell Your Automobile

In your case, the time has come to sell one of your vehicles. The question is how much you should ask for it. One of the best ways to go about arriving at a figure is to have the car appraised by a professional. 

The professional will consider the age and status of the vehicle. Is it a late model or is it now considered a classic? The condition will also make an impact on the value, as well as the condition. If it happens to be a particularly popular make and model, and the mileage is low, the car will likely be worth more. In any event, the appraisal will give you an idea of what it’s worth and how to go about setting the price. 

There are other events that would call for having the car appraised by a professional. Call to day and schedule a date and time. Once the information is in your hands, whatever is in the works will be easier to manage.