8 Full proof ways to Enjoy your desert safari tour today?

The United Arab Emirates Dubai is the ideal urban beach town that is not afraid to show off its amazing urbanity and luxury shopping areas and the ever-present ocean breezes. For those who love adventure, you’re looking forward to a great time with the annual sporting events which include tennis, Polo, and diving championships. Not to forget the perfect storm waterpark.

If sitting in front of sandy-clad pyramids isn’t enough, a safari is a desert insure to provide additional excitement. Camel rides through the pristine dunes. Then, you can end your trip with the traditional Bedouin-style meal which will make sure you keep these memories forever. It is a stunning skyline, vibrant nightlife, and a wealth of experiences.

One feature that stands out from the others is a safari in the desert. The unforgettable experience of a day and memorable night in the magnificent Arabian Desert includes safaris, watching games in the land Cruizer and an evening filled with entertainment in the desert. 

In all the comfort of an Arab tent, all accompanied by the best. Pick the best Dubai desert safari and enjoy it ot the max!

What can make a Dubai Desert Safari one of the most Memorable Experiences?

The immenseness of the Arabian desert, the rich experiences within the sand dunes, and the array of activities that are available every day make a desert safari tour in Dubai an unforgettable experience. Pick from a variety of photography tours, an exciting wilderness safari excitingly inspired night safari, or an unforgettable night in the desert, which is all lit with blue. 

The venue is adorned with exciting attractions, sumptuous food, Arabic music, and Dubai Night Safari offers the very best Arabic evenings and is certainly worth your time to experience. 

Enjoy Morning Desert Safari

See your sunrise over the dunes

Morning Desert Safari in the great Arabian desert is just the perfect place to witness the sunrise, when sunlight is brighter and the horizon more compact. Morning is certainly the most stunning photo opportunity that you will ever be able to see when you are in the desert.

Take a swoop on the dunes and Explore your way through the Arabian Desert 

A morning safari with a 4×4 off-road vehicle, in an area of the vast Arabian Desert with gusty winds and sands is an exhilarating adventure of the most thrilling desert safaris in Dubai. He will collect you from the camp and then take you on an exciting ride that lasts around 30 minutes. 

Take an Amazing Desert Drive on Camel Safari

A camel ride is typically an early Desert safari tour in Dubai that will take you on an unforgettable 45 minutes. Visit your way through the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve as you ride in a camel caravan and discover desert wildlife. The show is another desert safari experience that allows guests to go on strolls and take their photographs taken with the stunning bird. 

Feel the Excitement of horse riding desert Sand

The smooth sand strip of Dubai includes sand skiing thrilling sport that is truly unique. There are dunes that extent that is between 200 and 300 meters, which make perfect sand ski terrain. It’s the best way to have fun in the desert!

Quad Biking 

Quad biking is one of the most exciting activities to experience on the desert safari in Dubai. Take a stroll around the corners and discover the desert with ease. This quad is ideal for the adventurous during the Dubai tour.

Hot Air Balloon: Current Flight across the Arabian Desert

Hot air ballooning safari gives the best 360-degree panorama of the massive Arabian Desert. It is a thrilling rush once they take up the air and give breathtaking views. Animals from the desert can be observed throughout the area, mostly comprised of camels and gazelles.

Evening Desert Safari

Capture the Best Moments of the Setting Sun

The setting day within the Dubai desert is equally stunning if perhaps less than the sun rising. Dunes are truly something to take in. You can drive the Range Rover to one of the dunes and take in the views that are huge as the backdrop. This is the perfect moment to get candid photographs!

Night of Success – Have a party filled with Activities!

Activities and entertainment such as stilt dancing, fire-eating hot tubs, and the exotic belly dance, the night that isn’t better than it can get. Secure your luxury tent and have fun with your loved ones as well as your family. Near the tent, you’ll stay the night under the stars and enjoy your desert experience in Dubai with campfires, barbecues, and parties. 

Buffet Dinner: Experience the finest in Arabic Food

Dubai cuisine is famous for its delicious tastes. Buffets that are served in your Dubai desert safari are evergreen kebabs, the humus, as well a selection of new Iranian and Lebanese food items. The dining experience is the typical ambiance that is typical of Arabian Night!