A New World of Online Booking

The internet has altered almost everything. Travelling by plane is no exception. Using a good travel agent used to be the best way to plan and book your flight. You can now make travel arrangements from the comfort and convenience of your home computer, thanks to the World Wide Web which provides options like  Google Flights  Some people are hesitant to make online bookings due to security concerns and a lack of familiarity with the online booking process. 

Tickets purchased online are referred to as “e-tickets.” These e-tickets include an identification number that will be used to confirm your transaction. When you print this e-ticket number and bring it to the airport, you usually use a self-service desk to print a boarding pass, which allows you to board the plane. You only needed to provide your credit card number and mobile number when booking your ticket, and your reservation was confirmed.

Here are a few tips to help you have the best possible experience.

  • Maintain flexibility. Business travellers are less flexible in terms of travel dates and arrival/departure times.

If you are travelling for pleasure (vacation, holidays, etc. ), you may be able to save money by being flexible in a few key areas. The first area in which you should be flexible is your departure airport. If you live in an area with only one local airport, you may not be able to choose where you fly from. However, if you live in a large city, there are usually two or three airports within driving distance of your home from which to depart. Check the prices of flights departing from all airports in your area. Remember that the largest airport may not be the cheapest. Second, be flexible with your departure dates and times.

Flights departing on weekdays are typically less expensive than those departing on weekends or Fridays. Overnight flights are also less popular and thus less expensive.

  • Make a reservation in advance. 

Bookings made at the last minute are always the most expensive. Last-minute bookings cost more because they require more work for the airline to process promptly. Book your flight four to six weeks in advance. Many airlines will let you book earlier, but some will not publish their flight schedules until six weeks before the departure date.

  • Prepare your credit card information

 Online bookings are only accepted with credit or debit cards. Check to see which credit cards are accepted by the company you are booking with online. Check to see if their website is protected from identity theft by companies.

  • Make certain that the information you provide is correct. 

Websites can only process what you enter. An online booking agency will be unable to process your purchase if you do not provide accurate information. Check that your name, email address, flight information, and credit card information are all correct.

Therefore, booking air tickets are very easy but one should do it with a trustworthy platform like Google Flights for better exposure.