Check list for organizing a surprise party for your friend

In addition to birthday gifts, a birthday also includes a party. So that your birthday party is unforgettable and you can prepare everything for your celebration, we have collected a few tips and tricks for you here. This is how you plan your birthday party quickly and easily. With the right preparation, planning your birthday party is not that difficult. 

Guest List

Who would you like to have with you on your special day? This is really about you having a nice evening or day. If you really want to kick ass, invite everyone in your phone book, otherwise maybe just your best friends.

The date

Of course, a birthday party should ideally take place on the birthday, but in the middle of the week, not everyone is always available and most have to go home early. So find a nearby date. Moreover, because we are not superstitious, we say you can celebrate beforehand if it suits you better.

Theme party

It is your birthday, so you decide where to go. Theme parties are very popular. Celebrate decadently like in ancient Rome or elegantly like with the royals. You choose the theme and your best birthday surprise are all the imaginative costumes.

The special extra

Like a good movie or song, there is always a point where something goes up a notch. Think of something special to surprise your guests with. How about a raffle, karaoke or a small fireworks display. Think of something and the party will be unforgettable.


You can also make an extra part out of the “gift opening”. Collect the gifts in one place and once all the guests are there open them together.


Instead of a wild party in the evening, it can of course also be a relaxed brunch or a picnic outdoors. Little coward goes well with everything.

Engage the guests

This is usually not so welcome, but since it is your birthday, you can of course also make a wish. So just, wish that your friends would help you with the preparations. That is one of the nicest gifts. You can find other nice gifts in online shop.

The surprise party

This point is a little different, because here you are not planning your own party, but the surprise for a friend. You can also consider almost all of our points here, but the most important thing is of course that the birthday child does not notice anything.


As always, the most important thing comes at the end. Celebrate yourself. You can do that once a year and it feels good. Thanks to the Toronto limo services, you can make you or your friend’s birthday night remarkable. Hiring a limo or a party bus is affordable. It is now a trend. You do not need to think of booking a venue, decorate it, plan menu, etc. Just book a limo and share your ideas. You name and you get it. The best part is that you can decorate the limo according your theme and style. Besides welcome drinks, you can order drinks and beverages. Visit the website for more information.