There are times when infertility cannot be overcome by any other means than the use of in-vitro fertilisation. Unfortunately, inexorable statistics say that more and more couples cannot conceive without using IVF. In such a case, it is often a natural decision for a woman: you will do whatever it takes to have your baby. However, it is often the case that your husband, from whom you expect support and support, refuses to undergo the procedure. There are many reasons for this and many ways of dealing with it.

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The easiest way to solve this problem is simply to talk. However, very often the man just denies, answers in one-word phrases. This is a peculiarity of psychology: women can talk about their thoughts and fears, share secret, and men often withdraw, preferring to solve all the problems within them. Let us try to understand the reasons why men do not want to undergo IVF.


First and foremost, any man is very afraid of what he believes to be his failure to be known to others. A man fears that he or his wife will be seen as incompetent because you cannot conceive. If this is what your man is afraid of, he should probably know that more than 100,000 children were conceived through IVF in the CIS countries last year alone. This means that a lot of families have found the strength to overcome public opinion and have made use of medical services in order to become happy.

In fact, is the opinion of others really more important than one’s own happiness as a family? Who cares what the neighbours or colleagues may think, if having a child is your only, biggest dream? Besides, there are already tens of thousands of parents-to-be struggling to have children. It is a sad statistic, because so many young and healthy people struggle with infertility, but as you can see, they do not give up and keep fighting.

In order to convince your husband, you can try to explain to him that it is no longer seen as something out of the ordinary, it has been around for decades and more and more people are using it every year and there is nothing wrong with it. Besides, no one requires you to tell everyone around you that you were only able to conceive using modern reproductive technology. You have every right to keep it a secret, and you can simply tell too curious relatives and friends that you needed medical help with family planning.

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