How to Select Perfect Dining Chairs?


Despite how appealing a dining table looks, we seldom settle with it if it doesn’t come with equally pretty chairs.  While the modern rule of thumb when buying dining chairs suggests that they don’t need to match up with your table, they have to complement the table’s style and scale.  In a lot of ways, a dining room is what makes up the heart of your house. 

It is a space where we soak up the warmth of our loved ones’ company, enjoy great conversations, and nourish ourselves.  No wonder why choosing the right set of chairs is crucial to boost the aesthetic appeal of the space.  However, choosing the perfect dining chairs isn’t always simple. 

So here we give a round-up of all the best tips and guidelines on investing in the right dining chair that is meant for you.

  • Look For Dining Chairs that Will Fit the Dining Space 

To begin with, consider the dining space of your home.  Before you think of buying the dining table chairs, take notes of the room measurement where you wish to install them.  You would have to consider both the height and width for the same.

Measuring the Dining Chair: Know-How

When taking measurements of the dining chairs online, consider certain things. 

  • The size of your dining space
  • The size of your dining table
  • The comfort factors

Height: Measure the height right from the top part of the chair and move down right to the floor.  This measurement will differ from one chair to another, so keep a check.  Taller chairs will always offer a formal and a more enclosed look.  However, lower back chairs will simply give an illusion of more space to your dining room.

Seat Width: Seat width is the measurement you take from one side of the seat to the other side.  This will determine the width of your chair.  By taking note of the seat width, you can also understand the number of chairs that you can fit around the dining table.

Seat Height: The seat height is taken from the floor right to the seat bottom.  It is one of the key measurements to consider if you want a better understanding of how perfectly your dining room chairs will fit under your dining table.

Depth: Seat depth measurement is taken from the front of the seat to the back of the seat to know how far can you go back on the seat of your dining room chairs.

Back Height: This is the backrest’s height and not the height of the entire seat.  The style of the chair and the support will greatly vary based on the height of your seatback.

Footprint: This is the measurement to understand the footprint or the floor space shall be taken up by the dining table chairs.  It is similar to the seat width and will aid you in understanding how many chairs you can order to fit around the dining table.

  • Comfort is Key and is of Utmost Importance

The comfort of the dining table chairs gets lost amidst our battle and craze for the looks, style, and colour of the dining table chair set.  But remember, not every good-looking chair provides the comfort you are looking for in a dining chair.  To buy ergonomically sound chairs:

  • Take the dining chair’s width measurement at its wide point.  Usually, the seats and the most back are the widest in the chairs.
  • You can go for armless dining chairs if you are thinking of comfort seating featuring 24 inches deep and 22 inches wide.  Hopton solid wood dining chairs, Hubert solid wood dining chairs, Cardiff solid wood dining chairs are some of the popular options that you can try.
  • Keep away from chairs that are smaller than 17 inches by 20 inches.
  • The arms of the dining chair set occupy extra 6 inches of space.  Hence, avoid armed chairs if you are low on space.

When to Consider Armed Dining Chairs?

Armed dining chairs online like the Hubert solid wood dining armchair set are the best options if you have pregnant women at home, sick and ailing adults, or even older people.  Also, since the dining chairs require movement, go for chairs that can be slid underneath the dining table.  Remember that the gap between the tabletop and the chair is 12 inches.  This shall ensure comfortable and relaxed seating, besides promising sufficient legroom.

  • Prioritise Easy Maintenance Over Good Looks

The material you consider for the dining table chair set will play a crucial role for maintenance, besides the look and feel that it shall incorporate in your interior.  Wooden dining chairs like that of Paulo Solid wood dining chair or Bahubali solid wood dining chair in the walnut finish give a rustic vibe and are in vogue now.  Some other wooden chair options like Delton Solid wood dining chair set in burn beech colour or Maverick solid wood dining chair in antique colour all create an inviting look to the space.  Metal chairs look subtle and are a great option if you love industrial décor.  Plastic is quite a functional option and is just what you need for rough usage. 

  • If you have pets or small children at home, wear and tear is quite expected.  Go for basic dining room chairs that are lined with minimal fabric since you would have to clean them a lot.
  • When the question comes to materials, buy easy-to-clean options like cotton blends and leather.  They aren’t only pocket-friendly but also look great.  Velvet lace is a delicate material that can be re-used and are best used as slipcovers.  And for muddy paws and little hands at home, it is better to invest in dark colour fabrics for your dining table chair set.

  • Go for Chair Styles that Shares Compatibility with the Table

Apart from choosing the right size dining chair, you must also look for an option that complements your dining table.  The primary point of consideration when looking into the styles is that they should look good with your table.  And the common element to determine that is the colour undertone or the formality tone.  You can also focus on a dining chair design element, like the feet or the legs; however, don’t for a dining set with similar elements. 

The dining chairs online are available in a plethora of styles and designs, ranging from traditional to contemporary.  And when considering the material for the dining chairs, always consider wooden dining chairs since they are easy to clean, durable, and looks extremely classy.  Making the correct decision in chairs is important to make your dining space look complete.  So, take your time in browsing through the list of options, designs, material, and craftsmanship before committing to any of them.