Roof Covering Materials: Their Life Expectancy

If you’re buying a new residence, as well as need to know for how long the roofing will last, or you would like to know whether it’s time to change your existing roof, knowing everything about your roof covering products is the most effective place to begin.

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Here are the few most usual kinds of roofing materials as well as their ordinary life expectancies, in order from longest roofing lifespan to shortest:

  • Slate Roofing System Standard Life Expectancy

Slate is a kind of all-natural stone utilized for roofing. Unlike clay or concrete ceramic tiles, slate roofing floor tiles are made specifically of quarried as well as hewn stone pieces, without any fillers or processing. The ordinary lifespan of a slate roof covering is 100 years or longer depending upon upkeep.

  • Ceramic Tile Roofing System Average Lifespan

Concrete, clay, or cement roofing system ceramic tiles are a preferred choice for house owners who desire a resilient roof covering option. The ordinary lifespan of a ceramic tile roof is 100 years or even more when appropriately maintained.

  • Metal Roof Ordinary Lifespan

Standing-seam metal roofs are ending up being progressively preferred, especially in locations prone to wildfire. The average metal roof lifespan is 30-50 years.

  • Wood Roof Shingles Roofing Average Life Expectancy

Woodroof shingles roofs are made from thin wedges of natural wood. Woods utilized for roof consist of cedar, cypress, yellow want, as well as redwood. With professional attention and normal maintenance, the typical lifespan of a timber tile roofing system is 30-35 years.

  • EPDM and TPO Typical Life Expectancy

EPDM or Ethylene propylene diene monomer, and TPO or thermoplastic polyolefin, also known as “rubber roofing” are preferred materials for level, as well as low-sloped roofs. The average life expectancy of an EPDM/TPO roof with appropriate upkeep is 20-25 years, with EPDM roofing systems normally lasting longer than TPO.

  • Asphalt Roof Shingles Roofing Standard Lifespan

Asphalt, as well as composite tiles, are amongst the most prominent sort of roof product and are found on the majority of houses. Compound roof shingles are constructed from a natural or fiberglass base, covered with asphalt, and incorporated with little pieces of quartz, slate, or ceramic.

  • Fiber Concrete Shingle Roofing System Standard Life Expectancy

Fiber cement roof shingles are thought about as a manufactured alternative to timber roof shingles in their feature and appearance. The average lifespan of fiber concrete roof covering shingles is 20-25 years.

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