Outdoor Lighting Tips Based on Requirement

Lighting your home’s exterior well is important for a number of different reasons. To get the most out of your home and utilize every part of it, you have to light it in a strategic and efficient manner. This is essential in order to create the right environment in all areas of your home.

To make the process easier, you can divide lighting methods according to purpose. Compartmentalizing can help you tackle each issue separately, which leads to creating an even better living space. Smart lighting is possibly the best way to do this, and all you need is a reliable connection using a device such as the Linksys AC2200 Wi-Fi router.

The following are some lighting methods you can use for different purposes with regard to exterior lighting. 


The first and arguably most important reason a lot of people want to improve outdoor lighting is for security. A dark, dull home is more vulnerable to intrusions. It is more difficult to sneak around and monitoring it can be a challenge, which is where lighting can be of help.


Floodlights are used in many homes for security purposes. This light can be installed in the outer area of your home, either in the garden, front porch or in front of the garage. A floodlight can detect movement from several feet away, and once the infrared rays find some kind of movement in the vicinity, a blinding light flashes in the face of the potential intruder. This light is for the purpose of letting visitors know you’re at home and know of their presence.

A floodlight can be controlled remotely. You can get updates and notifications when the system is triggered, and it remains turned on for up to half a minute once triggered. This gives you enough time to spot whoever has visited. A floodlight is also good for visibility purposes, for example, to clearly see the path as you’re driving up to the garage.

Fixture safety

Since you’re installing the lights outside, they will be vulnerable to the weather. The fixtures can become dangerous due to excessive moisture, and precautions must be taken to avoid that. A good idea would be to install fixtures which can withstand harsh weather conditions. In case it rains and the moisture reaches your lights, they shouldn’t be prone to damage. 

Safety precautions are an important part of lighting your home. Without these, the entire place is at risk of electrical hazards; in extreme cases, this may even lead to a fire.


An ideal home needs to be both secure and visually appealing. How an environment makes you feel depends on a few different factors; the colors, sounds, temperature and lighting all play key roles in creating a good ambience. This is just as important for the outdoors as it is for your home’s interior. 

Smart Porch Light

LED bulbs are one of the most versatile ways to light your home. These bulbs are convenient, customizable and can be controlled remotely. The porch is one of the places which should be well-lit, since a lot of your interactions with outsiders take place here. 

You can use any kind of light to do this, but LED bulbs are the most convenient. These bulbs are reliable, long-lasting and don’t need to be controlled manually using a switch. When you open the front door at any time of the day, you should have a clear view of who or whatever is outside. LED bulbs give you more authority over the lighting of your porch.

Solar-Powered LED Lights

Moving past the porch, there are more areas outside your home which need to be lit properly. The path leading up to it, the garden and the garage are also areas to focus on. For this purpose, solar-powered LED lights are a good idea. This is because these lights require absolutely no manual effort to function. They require no monitoring and consume no energy.

This eco-friendly way of lighting your home is an excellent addition to its ambience. Solar-powered lights can give your home a soft, warm glow, which looks beautiful once the sun goes down. With minimal monitoring, your home can have an attractive and functional exterior with the help of these lights. 

Greater Visibility

When you’ve worked hard to create a decent living space, you might want people to actually see it. A home can become much more attractive when it’s dark out, since artificial lighting is concentrated on certain areas. This can assist you with highlighting the best features of your home, amplifying your home’s visual appeal. Targeted lighting techniques are a great way to bring out the best in your home, and you have complete control over it. 

The Importance of Strategic Lighting

Lighting a home isn’t as easy as it may sound. If you want to do it right, the process requires dedication and planning. You cannot place lights wherever you want and hope for the best, rather, every single placement must be need-based. There must be a justification for each fixture, lamp or any other form of lighting you place in your home. 

By dividing lighting styles between reasons for why they are needed, you have a more organized approach for outdoor lighting. This can help your home become even more welcoming and cozy, while also giving you a place to relax in your free time.