compost turner is a piece of mechanical equipment that is the best desired by compost makers, compost turners are in various sizes and types but getting any of the types and sizes will get you quality compost at the end of your compost making exercise. Compost is used not only by mainstream farmers alone but it is useful for domestic gardens and indoor horticultural practices. The purpose that composts serve generally is the enrichment of soil with proper vitamins and minerals needed for plants growth. Plants are grown with fertilized soil usually comes out better than those grown on unfertilized soils, so if you are going to be growing any kind of plant, the first thing you should probably do is to get your compost ready and if you are interested in making your compost, acquiring a compost turner of any size you can afford will help you in many ways to boost your productivity in your garden or farm. Compost turners function by turning appropriate waste materials and soil together to make good compost. Turners are grouped into different classes based on the following factors i.e. how they move compost, their energy source, sizes, and how they move

Either for large-scale farming or small-scale agricultural practices, there are compost turners that will help you produce good compost for the improvement of your soil, let us briefly look at some types of compost turners according to energy sources and movements you can get in the market. The Auger compost turner, this type of turner uses varying techniques including auto continuous flight making use of helical pattern paddles and shaft, all the compost materials are moved from one side to the other when the auger is lowered down. 

The straddle turners, this type of turner moves when pulled by a loader or tractor and it moves with the windrower, some straddle turners are self-propelled this means that they can move without relying on other machines. Straddle compost turners are the most common types of turners and they are either self-propelled or rely on other moving engines. There is also the trapezoid compost turner this type of turner is fixed to the slope side of a large windrow and it employs the use of rotors on an inclined axis to get rid of vertical layers, there are some of the trapezoid compost turners that are propelled by heave machines while some are self-propelled. Whichever type of compost turner you decide to buy, study how to use it effectively to manage waste in your environment correctly and make the needed compost for your agro practices.