Play the Colour Game

Understanding how colours function is essential since the colours you choose for your outfits have the power to make or break your appearance. No matter how costly your red dress or crop top is, your style will not turn out the way you want it if the colours are not well coordinated. Customers have been shown to frequently choose not to purchase clothing if it is not offered in the specific colour they are seeking because colours emotionally impact the observer. Most of the time, customers make purchases based on their preferred colours.

The following is a list of some fashion colours that consistently do well in shopping.

  • Red

When choosing a party dress, most women like to select the colour red. You can always wear a red dress but choose the proper shade. You can also go all out in a pair of coordinated pieces in two colours for a classier style. If you’re wearing red casually, you might want to combine it with a neutral colour that doesn’t draw too much attention. Red tops for women with black pants or red bottoms with a black shirt or top for a streamlined can always give you a chic look.

  • Black

A black dress is a wardrobe essential that can be worn in various situations and inspire several outfit ideas. Although strapless black dresses and white sneakers can create a fashionable, informal style, summer ensembles typically call for more vivid, brilliant hues. A top is another option besides dresses; t-shirts or a black crop top can be worn in various ways, but the timeless minimalist look never goes out of style. Dress your top in leather pants and some heels rather than always wearing jeans.

  • Blue

Blue is a calming, dignified colour that many designers adore. It’s a timeless colour that looks good on everyone. You can go to work in your blue dress and attend any fancy event. A large bag and amazing classic shoes with high heels will update the style.

  • White 

Everyone is drawn to the peaceful colour. White is a colour associated with calmness and harmony. People love to wear white cotton dresses and white crop tops during the summer in hot climates. Since white deflects heat, it keeps them cool.

  • Green

This colour symbolises nature. T-shirts, shirts, and dresses are all made from shades of green. Darker green shades look fantastic in dresses for women. Since it is not as intensely vibrant and eye-catching as red and orange, professionals also favour this colour for their workplace attire. 

You won’t be dissatisfied if you retain these top-selling colours in your collections. While developing and arranging your collection, you should keep in mind that colours play a significant impact in buying products. Choose the best colours this season to enhance your style and look. Get your favourite shades from Vero Moda today and pair them with each other for a classy appearance.