What are the Differences Between Premium and Cheap Weed?

Have you ever wondered why you take some weed, and it leaves you with a better feel and satisfaction than others? This experience is due to the varying quality weed in the market and how long it stays in the cannabis stores. And, unless you’re an experienced user, dealers might take advantage of your ignorance to disguise a low-quality weed for a higher one and sell it to you at a higher price.

You can differentiate the premium weed from the cheap weed by its smell, feel, look, and structure. And these differences are due to improper cultivation, handling, or storage of the weed.

Nevertheless, the details below show how you can properly differentiate between quality and cheap weed. Let’s go!

1. The smell

Weeds cultivated to the highest standards come with a typical pleasing and attractive aroma. The more pronounced the scent is, the better its quality. The stronger quality flowers are called dunk or loud.

However, low-quality weeds will likely give off a series of odd smells. These smells are mostly due to degradation, which might be due to poor cultivation, too long storage period, or poor handling.

2. The looks

High-quality weeds have flowers that might display deep green with flaming orange or red hairs that appeal to the eye. In other instances, it might be blue and purple colors. The number of visible trichomes with your eye or through magnifying glass also tells the quality of the weed. These trichomes are small shiny projections on the plant that holds the components responsible for the plant’s flavor and smell. 

However, low-quality weed comes in varying shades of degradation and discolored flowers. They do come with amber-colored trichomes with apparent stems and seeds. This discoloration might be due to mold, pesticides, etc., which makes them undesirable to smoke.

3. The feel

Premium weeds should have a sticky and moderately spongy feel when touched. Their stems should be relatively easy to snap, and the buds easy to break apart. Their buds, however, shouldn’t be too soft or wet to reduce their chances of developing molds.

Notwithstanding, lower-quality weeds might come too dry and weightless. They lack sticky flowers and have stems that are easily broken. They can also come in too wet buds, making them an easy target for mold breeding. These buds don’t snap, and it shows an improperly cured weed

4. Flower structure

If a plant is properly cultivated, it shows beautiful flower structures. While Sativa flowers are light with fluffy shapes and compositions, Indicas have tighter and denser flower structures. They also come in amazing structures and sizes.  

Alternatively, poorly cultivated plants might have hard flowers, which might signify the possible use of plant growth regulators. These regulators give an unpleasant taste when used. The flowers might also be too fluffy, which tells that the plant was grown under insufficient light, so it wasn’t grown to maximum potential

With the differences listed above, you can be assured of an incredible deal the next time you purchase weed. In addition, this knowledge will help you get quality weed at a reasonable price.